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My Cars

Before motorcycles adventure touring I played with muscle cars.

1967 Oldsmobile 442 Convertible, 400/4V, 4-speed. My first car, I killed it after just 2 weeks but it was fun while it lasted.

1968 Dodge Charger Classic, 383 magnum 4-speed/ Carter 4V

1968 Dodge Charger Classic, 440 magnum, 727 torqueflight automatic, Holley 780 on Elderbrock high rise 

1970 Plymouth Sport Fury GT, 440/6pack, 727 torqueflight with shift kit

The Sport Fury GT engine, Three 500 cfm Holleys, lots of head work, double row timing chain, 11.5 compression pistons.

1970 Dodge Challenger, 383 magnum, pistol grip 4-speed 

1971 Plymouth Road Runner, 383 magnum/440 heads (from the Fury), Holley 780, high flow manifolds and pistol grip 4-speed

Road Runner engine with the twin snorkel "Super Commando" intake.

1988 GT Mustang 5.0, 302cid, 5 speed, this would be my last hot rod.

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