Traffic tickets for a sport touring rider is just an occupational hazard

Headlight out, Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia

speeding~improper passing Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina

Speeding 90/55 Florida

Excessive speed~dangerous passing Marshal, North Carolina

Detained for speeding, Minnesota

Speeding 72/55 Minnesota

Speeding 80/45 Missouri

Speeding 77/55 Nebraska

Speeding 70/55 Robbinsville,NC

Passing on double yellow Robbinsville,North Carolina

Speeding 108/55 Deal's Gap, Tennessee

Speeding 70/45 Spring Lake, FL

Passing on the double yellow Highlands, NC

Speeding 53/35 Istachatta Rd,FL

Speeding 67/55 hwy 299, California

Speeding 74/65 hwy 64 Oklahoma

Speeding 70/55 hwy 82 Mississippi

Speeding 64/40 New Hampshire

Passing in a "no passing" zone Blood Mountain, Georgia

Speeding 45/30 Mascotte Florida

Safety and endorsement cheek, Dover Florida

Speeding 47/30 San Antonio, Fl