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Erin came into this world in the late 80's and I figured some day she would share my passion. I could picture us taking a camping road trip on our own mounts. To that end I knew it was best to start her early.


Soon she was ready for her first ride, an electric powered 4-wheeler.

She took to it like a fish to water running around the side yard rescuing her favorite stuffed animal Tucan sam off the ground on the fly.


Before long she outgrew her new toy and needed more power.


I added lights, a horn, extra battery power and a remote cutout switch in case of traffic.The little hellion was in her element even terrorizing the neighbors.


Soon she would be ready for the open road so it was time to get her used to the bike.


OK there might be a law somewhere that prevents riding around with your kid in the trunk so I purchased an equestrian child harness to hold her in check.


This would work out well, she was held by a 5-point harness to a hard foam block with handles and a wide belt to strap her to me. Now she could join me on Sunday rides with friends. We were running Chatter Box communication radios, she started showing her competitive side telling me "Pass 'em Papa, pass 'em". What she didn't realize was that my friends were on the same channel and she had them bobbing their heads to the beat when she would sing John jJacob jingleheimer schmidt


She accompanied me to the dealer one and while I was at the pats counter she disappeared, then I found her on the show room floor.


The new Honda Z-50 in hand it was back to the side yard for some test runs.


With a few hours under her belt it was time to visit Croom, a 27,000 acre bird sanctuary also used for dirt bikes.


On one such Croom outing we were cruising the trails and came upon the other part of off-roading, hills.

This was more of a bump than a hill but you have to start somewhere. Actually a double bump, the first about 2 feet high and the second a foot higher. Working up her courage she started up the first hill but then let off the throttle, this bike has a centrifugal clutch so at idle it's like neutral and she coasted backward to where she started. I informed her she needed to stay on the gas which prompted an "OK Papa"

She hit the hill again with the throttle pinned climbing the first hill and jumping right over the second one landing in a brier patch taking a handle bar in the leg.


Of course that can only mean one thing, MORE GEAR.


Unfortunately live would throw me a curve in the form of an accident so I ended up selling off all the off-road equipment and all but one of my street bikes ending her two wheeled career.

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